Sunday, April 17, 2011

My New Obsession!

I really only wanted one..just to satisfy my curiosity why people go crazy over these dolls! Well needless to say my doll family is growing and more are coming!lol...It must be their eyes, or the cute little clothes and shoes they wear or you can buy or make! (they have lots of free sewing, knitting, and crochet patterns on the web for Blythe..really cute). You can also customize them, like carve their lips, paint the eyelids, change their eyechips, and much more. So I thought I would try.....
This is a Little Big Eyes doll that I started on (practice doll before I attempt customizing blythe). I took here apart, sanded the shine from her face, carved her lips, nose, and philtrum. Still working on her and will post pics when she's done.

I'm also rerooting her with angora mohair which I dyed with kool aid and still have alot more holes to fill!

Just an idea of what she'll look like. I forgot to take pics of before and after but if you want to see what the Little Big Eyes doll looks like, there's some on ebay and flickr.

Never too old to play with dolls!!

Thimbleprims Easter Egg Swap 2011

This quirky egg was made by Moriah of's so cute!
Angie B. of Hopemore made this vintagy egg..the woman in the photo looks like my sister!

And this cutie was made by Kathie M.

All are wonderful works of art and i'm glad to have them in my collection! Thanks again Cindy for another great swap and the extra goodies!